Master Cylinder is one of the GREAT bands on the DFW music scene! Band members Greg Lunce, Steve Millsap, Larry Edwards, Scott Cason, and Darryl Davis got together in 2008, with the goal of acheiving elite status in the “tribute/cover band” niche. With the group's unparalleled musical ability, the classic R&B theme was decided upon as the best way to showcase their talent.

The band started by playing tributes to the great Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Al Green, Jr. Walker, Temptations, Isley Bros, Wilson Pickett, Sam Cooke, and other legendary, classic Stax/Motown artists that moved both white and black mainstream America into the funky groove of an original, homegrown classic genre, known as “rhythm & blues”.

Since the band's conception, Master Cylinder decided to elaborate on the original R&B theme and add a wider selection of music in order to play venues that require different types of music. The band is capable of playing country, jazz, rock and roll, as well as the R&B to the play list list emphasizing ENTERTAINMENT as well as musical ability.

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