Open Daily 11 am - 2 am
NW Corner Northwest Hwy & Jupiter
11277 E Northwest Hwy #124
Dallas, TX   75238

6:00 pm


     ENTRY FEE $ 5.00
     1st  PLACE PAYS OUT 1/2 OF POT
     2nd & 3rd PLACE SPLIT
             REST OF POT
Oct. 18
7:30 PM

A D Jam Band - Unique fan culture

Musical groups whose live albums and concerts relate to a unique fan culture that began in the 1960s with the Grateful Dead, and continued with The Allman Brothers Band, which had lengthy jams at concerts.
Oct. 20
8:00 PM

HOT HOUSE BAND - High-energy dance

Hello! We're an 8 pc cover band that performs high-energy dance charts; hot, hot, hot! Selections from a variety of top Billboard Hits.
Steve Johnson, Marshal Johnson, Steve Kelder, Mike Gosheff, Bryan Brubaker, John Murray, Matt Lovell, Marcus Hardiek.
Oct. 21
8:00 PM

Spector's GUN Collection - Classic Rock 'n' Roll

These guys play it all from Beatles, Cream, The Stones to Hendrix, Tom Petty and the Moody Blues. Spector’s specialize in British Invasion rock, but they’re not afraid to throw in a little Dylan, Allman Brothers or even Van Morrison. All the songs you grew up listening to or should have grown up listening to, all in one show. If you like classic rock served up British style, catch Spector's Gun Collection. You'll hear the best covers of the music you love.
Oct. 25
7:30 PM

Pub Monkeys - Unplugged

The Pub Monkeys consist of five terrific players who understand how to groove the spirit and nuance of great songs... carefully selected songs that actually featured spirit and nuance in the first place. A night out with the Pub Monkeys will get your head and heart right!
Oct. 27
8:00 PM

TIME TRAIN - Dance; Pop; Party; Country

These experienced, professional entertainers bring high-energy performances, quality music and fun to your next event. Whether its blues, country, classic rock, disco or pop, TIME TRAIN will take you on a rockin' ride through the decades.

TIME TRAIN is a 6-piece band with 4-part harmonies that will have anyone with a soul up and dancing from the get go! Guaranteed to move you in your seat, have the staff bopping away and the crowd wanting an encore by the end of the night. Audience members are often seen leaving the show with a little extra spring in their step, and still singing along.
Oct. 28
8:00 PM

Halloween "Boo Bash"

Music by ‘REMEDY'
Costume Contest
Nov. 1
7:30 PM


        - Rock, Blues, Country

1st Wednesdays at The LoneStar Road House with Kelly Jack and The Filter Kings. Great food, cocktails, music, friends, and Shenanigans!
Nov. 3
8:00 PM

Creekbend Classic Rock

       - November at the Lone Star

Please mark your calendars for November 3rd . We're working hard to bring you new songs, and bring back some we haven't done in a while. Hope to see you all there! Lone Star roadhouse has good food, low cover charges, good drinks, and is a non smoking establishment. It's the best kept Secret in DFW!. Come out and dance and sing the night away with us. $7 cover charge per person
Nov. 4
3:00 - 5:00 PM

8th Annual Chili Cook-Off

Chili must be cooked on-site
(NO prepackaged or precooked)

Judging will be held 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Prizes Awarded for Best Tastin’ Chili!!!
(1st, 2nd & 3rd Place prizes)

Sign up and pay Bartender $10 Entry Fee today!

Nov. 4
8:00 PM

The Lupners - The Very Heart of Rock and Roll

Our ancestor, John Winthrop Lupner, arrived in America aboard The Mayflower and there have been Lupners defending our freedom ever since. In fact, the patriot sons of J.W. Lupner have played rock 'n roll in every major war, battle, fight, skirmish, fisticuff, brouhaha, set-to, argument and name-calling contest since the earliest days of our nation's history.

Boston Tea Party? Check.
War of 1812? You betcha.
Battle of the Bulge? Roger that.
Sharks v. Jets? Sure thing, Daddy-o.
The food fight in the Faber College dining hall? Check.
The hissy-fit slap fight backstage at the 1979 Miss USA Pageant? Present.
Invasion of Grenada? Yep.
Backstage at American Idol when Nicki Minaj was all like... and Mariah was all like... Oh, yeaaaah. Love a girl fight.

So, it's no surprise that we are America's Band. We invite you to participate in the next chapter of our nation's history. Hire The Lupners to shine the golden light of democracy, truth and rock at your next event.

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